10 Best Mechanical Pencils For Drawing

Close up of the best mechanical pencils for drawing photo

For expert drawing or sketching, one needs excellent tools. Mechanical pencils have a variety of uses and are relatively inexpensive. The most popular types that make up the best mechanical pencils for drawing are the .5mm, .7mm, and .9mm pencils. These mechanical pencils offer a variety of tips that can be used for drawing or … Read more

Best Graphite Pencils for Drawing and Sketching

Best Graphite Pencils for Drawing and Sketching

Graphite drawing pencils are a must-have in any artist’s toolkit. Whether you are a crafty hobbyist or a textile artist, you need the right pencil to bring out the tone, versatility in line, and the right intensity.  After going through different types of graphite pencils, grades, and ranges of pencils available, I found the best … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Oil Based Colored Pencils

Oil Based Colored pencils Ultimate Guide

When it comes to oil-based colored pencils mum’s the word! Ingredients and trade secrets are closely guarded and very hard to find the facts for as each manufacturer uses varying ratios of ingredients. What we do know for sure is (based mostly on other artists more than the colored pencil manufacturer) they are generally oil-colored … Read more

5 Best Colored Pencils Analyzed

Best Colored Pencils

Best Colored Pencils For Artists Faber Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils These are professional colored pencils and are also oil-based colored pencils(ultimate guide) which are great for fine details as they will hold a sharper point. The wooden case allows for easy organization of your pencils and makes it easier to find the colors you need. … Read more

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Colored Pencils

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Colored Pencils

A good pencil sharpener is an essential tool for quickly getting a sharp point on your pencils but I have found that they are not all equal. Some work well with colored pencils and some do not. In this article, I cover some of the best pencil sharpeners for colored pencils. There is nothing worse … Read more